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XML Result Feed Service

How much does it cost?
Please fill in the inquiry form and one of our representatives will contact you with a quote in short order.

What sports do you cover?
Currently we focus on Soccer, more sports results data will be included in future.

What sportsbooks are available?
More than 60+ bookmarkers are available.

What are the delivery methods you offer?
The content can be delivered through RESTful API (XML Web Service). It is .NET friendly, the service will deliver DataTable object if your are using Visual Studio as development tools.

How is the result update rate?
Our result feed server refreshing latest result from bookmarkers every 15-30 minutes.

Do you provide historical result feed?
Yes, the result feed server start keeping data from 2013, please contact us for detailed information.

Contact our sales representatives for your demo account!

The system is only for own testing, we are not be held responsible for any illegal or unauthorized use performed by customer.